What Ford Accessories Are Must-Haves for the Bed of a New Ford F-150?

If you're an eastern Ohio trucker driving a brand-new light-duty pickup, you probably need a little bit of everything. Luckily, Ford makes it easy to accessorize in exactly the way you want. Here are a few things our Ford truck experts here at Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg suggest to help make your ride a capable hauler.

  • Bed rails. These not only provide a stylish look but also act as durable tie-down anchors. Just add straps or use a non-slip rope to tie a trucker's hitch.
  • Illumination. Bed lighting can give you a clearer view of the bed at night or when a better look of what's going on under the tonneau cover or box cap is needed.
  • Lockable side storage. Use it to tuck away tools and small components, so they aren't rolling around in back when you roll out.
  • A bed cover. This comes in handy for securing raw materials or equipment from the elements.
  • A horizontal- or vertical-mount cargo net. Hook one up just about anywhere to keep small items secure. They're great for use with locking cleats, which, like retractable bed hooks, keep a stronger hold on quarry more likely to shift during the long haul. They're also a required pair with a standard interface plate, with which you can also connect a ramp or one of many other universal attachments.
  • A stowable loading ramp. Install one of these, and you can reliably load up big-time cargo, especially gear with wheels.
  • A bed divider. Use this in tandem with an interface plate to create multiple load zones and keep different kit separate.
  • A bed extender. You can set one up over an open tailgate to create more space without exposing the tail ends of your load to traffic or other rear obstacles.
  • Bed liners and mats. These provide rugged protection for the truck bed and keep particulate from digging in where you don't want it.
  • Side steps. With one or two of these on your regular cab, SuperCab, or SuperCrew, you can enter and exit more easily.

Of course, Ford F-150 isn't the only new Ford vehicle you can accessorize. Nearly every car, truck, or SUV in the Ford lineup is compatible with a host of custom components, and you can order what you need with ease right here at our Ford accessories center in Waynesburg. Got questions about compatibility, or need to talk shop on the many other Ford auto parts and components we offer? Contact our parts department at 888-459-2133 or stop by 300 West Lisbon Street for an in-person consult. We'll be glad to outfit you!

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