If you Need a Vehicle to Carry People and Gear, Check Out the Ford Expedition

It is easy to see how much thought went into the design of the Ford Expedition. Providing room for up to eight people, storage solutions so you can fit everything you need, and the comfort options that will keep everyone happy, the Expedition is ready for whatever you have in store for it.

Ford has kept the needs of a family in mind with the Expedition, especially with their second row. The seats can fold and tip forward for comfort, or storage, but they can also slide forward and back to accommodate a child-safety seat. The third-row features power-reclining seats to end the days of uncomfortable and cramped seats shoved into the back.

With room for that many people, the driver might be worried about the noise, but Ford is already a step ahead. The cabin is designed to reduce all of the noise that travels forward; everything, including the windshield, efficiently reduces noise so that the driver doesn’t face the distractions that can come with that many passengers.

At Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg in Waynesburg, OH, we do everything to understand your needs. Once we realize what you need a vehicle to be able to do, we can suggest any vehicle from our selection of new Ford models. We want to make sure we can get you anything that you need, which is why every department will work hard to give you the best service possible. From our service center to our financing department, our team has all of the experts that can answer any questions that you have.

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